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Wake & Wag - Hands-On Review of this Amazing Dog Bed Using Military Technology

Wake & Wag Pet Bed. Read our hands-on review with this new dog bed which incorporates patented SKYDEX technology designed for and used by the US military. What can be cooler than that? This super-light dog bed promises to be a more durable alternative to traditional memory foam and is also easier to clean, stays cooler during hot weather and lighter and easier to manage.
You have to read the full review, we love this product! 

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Park Avenue - Luxury Dog Bed, Cute Bone-Shaped Design by Bowsers

Park Avenue. As a dog owner, you know that it is important to keep your dog nice and cozy when he sleeps. It is also important that you find a bed that fits in with your home’s décor, which is why Bowsers Pet Products has designed this hip and cute dog bed. It is bone-shaped and comes in black, grey, beige and off-white. You can also choose from washable microvelvet and microlinen fabrics in several patterns. The frame is lightweight and sturdy, and the design is fashionable and modern. The Park Avenue dog bed will give your pup a soft and comfortable place to sleep while adding style and flair to your home. $169-$199. BUY.

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Modern Bed by MaxPet - Luxury, Eco-Friendly Pet Furniture - Handmade Pet Bed Both Stylish and Durable

Modern Bed by MaxPet. If you are careful about choosing to use products that are humane and environmentally friendly, then you will be happy to know that you can find a pet bed that meets your eco-conscious requirements. MaxPet has designed modern dog and cat beds that are created with the health of the planet and the comfort of your pet in mind. The wooden bed frame is covered in fineline oak, ribbed walnut or chestnut, fineline wenge or bleached beech veneer. You can also choose a pillow that is made of either natural hemp or synthetic leather, and the back of the bed is plexiglass so that it is easy to clean. In addition to its eco-friendly materials, these beds have a sleek and modern design that will enhance your décor. $497-$1114. BUY.

Editor's Note: This design has received the prestigious European Gold Award, A'Design, in 2012. This is the worlds' largest design competition showcasing the best designs, design concepts and products & services. MORE INFO.

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iMac Pet Bed - Upcycled Apple Computer Pet Bed - Super Cute, Chic and Eco-Friendly

iMac Pet Bed. This upcycled Apple computer pet bed allows you to protect the environment while also providing your pet with a trendy and comfortable place to rest. The bed is made from an old Mac computer’s casing, and it features a washable slipcover and a plush cushion for your cat or dog to enjoy. The bed even sits on top of the computer’s speakers to prevent it from rocking. The entire bed has a sleek, fun and retro design that will add a unique flair to your home, and you will enjoy knowing that you are helping the environment by preventing the computer from being buried in a landfill. $129. BUY.

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Brown Faux Leather Pet Couch - Stylish Furniture-Grade Luxury Pet Bed

Faux Leather Pet Couch. This furniture-grade constructed pet bed is a nice addition to the world of luxury pet furniture. This stylish pet bed screams fashion and is sure to show off how much you love and want to pamper your pet to the fullest. It is made with top quality material designed to not only look rich in luxury but also to be very easy to clean simply by using a damp cloth, which is perfect for a dog that tends to shed plenty of hair. Made with a solid wood construction and furniture gliders for the feet, this luxury dog bed is constructed to hold up to 15 pounds and is roomy enough to accommodate a dog of up to 25 inches in length. $140. BUY.


Luxury Dog Bed for the Pampered Pup - Covered Headboard, Mattress, Pillows and Blanket

Modern Dog Bed with Fabric Covered Headboard. Here is a complete modern dog bed set that is even adorned with a stylish fabric covered headboard. In this set there are 8 pieces included: 1 soft, furry blanket for warmth, 4 fashion pillows, a cover, 4 inch thick mattress and bed frame with headboard attached. Each and every item that makes up this modern pet bed is handcrafted and custom designed right down to the color theme and embroidered name of the dog on the foot of the bed. No pet could ask for much more than this luxury dog bed! BUY.


Cat Crib Anywhere Hammock - Minimalistic Cat Bed Attaches to any Four-Legged Chair

Cat Crib Anywhere Hammock. Designed to be stylish and modern all at once, this cat crib was uniquely created to be simple and stylish in every aspect. This modern cat crib has four non-slipping straps that can be attached to just about any type of chair’s legs with no difficulty or confusion. It is contemporary and useful while remaining easy on the eyes especially when put to good use. Cats truly enjoy a snuggly place to hide and there’s no better solution than to strap this modern cat crib under a chair for the ultimate covert comfort any feline could wish for. $29. BUY.


Anti-Microbial Luxury Dog Bed - Stylish and Contemporary Pet Bed

Crypton Luxury Pet Beds. Crypton's patented fabric is designed to permanently ward away stains and bacteria making it a perfect anti-microbial pet bed. The fabric is actually non-porous so it is impossible for anything to stick to it. This allows your pet bed to stay cleaner and actually can be disinfected using a cleaner when you do need to clean it. The modern design on this contemporary pet bed gives it a stylish and luxurious look. Pictured here is oval bolstered dog bed. $89 - $229. BUY.


Kitt-In Cat Bed - Cat Bed Attaches to the Side of Your Desk

Finding it difficult to keep your cat close to you while you’re working because they always seem to get in the way?  The Refined Feline Kitt-In Cat Bed is the perfect way bond with your cat while keeping them a safe distance from your work.  The Kitt-In bed attaches to securely to the side of your desk and with a solid pine structure, it can support up to 20 pounds.  Complete with a foam cushion, you can guarantee that your pet will be comfortable in their new bed. $30. BUY.

For more designer cat furniture, visit our Modern and Contemporary Cat Furniture Shopping Guide.


Mysterious Kuddle Kup - Cat Bed that Attracts Hair

Love your cat but not their fur?  The Mysterious Kuddle Kup Cat Bed is a bed designed to keep your cat comfortable but trap their fur and dander at the same time.  Designed to protect your furniture, the secret behind this great design is the electrostatically charged polyester fibers.  The Kuddle Kup functions not only as a bed but transforms into a play tunnel as well.  This bed is manufactured in the United States and is made of 100% recycled materials. $15. BUY.


Sasquatch II Pet Bed - Giant Croc Dog Bed

Sasquatch II Pet Bed. Apparently Bigfoot has a thing for Crocs. If your feet were that hairy, you would need well-ventilated foot wear. This benefits your dog because while giant Crocs make great shoes for Bigfoot, they also make comfortable and stylish dog and cat beds. This updated version of their original Sasquatch bed features customizable buttons for your pet's name and a removeable, washable liner. $120.  BUY.


Sonoma Furniture Bedroom Collection - Bedroom Furniture for Your Pet

Sonoma Mahogany Furniture Pet Bedroom Set. This adorable furniture set for your pet includes a platform bed, toy chest and wardrobe. The bed has a 4" thick mattress and the wardrobe allows you to hang your dog's outfits and a place for shoes underneath. Perfect for creating a corner sanctuary for your dog as shown in the picture, this mahogany collection will add a bit of elegance and fun to any decor. $649.


Dog Gone Smart Bed - Nano Technology for Dogs

Dog Gone Smart Rectangle Canvas Bed. If you're looking for a durable pet bed that will stay clean, you might be interested in NanoSphere technology. We're not sure what is Nano about the NanoSphere technology but apparently it incorporates nanotechnology to create a naturally non-stick surface which in turn keeps things like honey and ketchup slipping off instead of staining. Sounds cool! Now this is obviously practical for dogs, but why isn't everything in life made of this? $70-$120.


Orange Sun Blosoms Dog Bed - Modern Design with Bright Colors

Orange Sun Blossoms Dog Bed. Available in two sizes, this dog bumper bed incorporates Italian design and bold colors to bring you a fashionable and practical resting place for your dog. If you want more of a subtle look, you can actually turn the bed upside down and use the cream color on the outside which looks really cool with the orange on the inside. The cover is removable and washable which is a great feature that we love. $41 - $72.


HEX Tennis Dog Bed - Cool Dog Bed for Tennis Lovers

HEX Tennis Dog Bed. From designer Hugh Hayden, this is the latest addition to his HEX Tennis furniture collection. You wouldn't know it just by looking at it, but the tennis balls of this really cool dog bed are actually all recycled used tennis balls. The pillow is also reversible - the other side is a stunning red. Pick up the HEX Tennis Chair and lounge in style with your best friend. $285.


Ultra Luxury Dog or Cat Bed - Modern Design in a Contemporary Pet Bed

The LazyBonezz Madison is the ultimate pet bed for your cat or dog. Featuring solid wood construction with stainless steel accents, the bed is sure to match any contemporary decor. The pet bed can hold dogs up to 65 lbs and has coated feet so it won't scuff the imported tiles. The microfiber cushion stays clean and can be machine washed to keep a healthy environment. $299.


Personalized Handmade Dog or Cat Bed Cover Made of Duck Canvas

Personalized Handmade Bed Cover. These pet bed covers are made from duck canvas and can be personalized with either your pet's name, a phrase or with an image even. You can use this bed cover to revamp an older pet bed or you can fill them with stuffing material. We are always fans of products that are great for the environment and what a great way by re-using an old pet bed. $43.


Dog or Cat House for Your Living Room

DenHaus BowHaus Indoor Pet House and End Table. Here is a pretty funky pet house that can also serve as a practical end table as well. The furniture's edgy design also doubles as providing ventilation around all sides. This cove will sure to serve as a relaxing resting area for your pet. $599.


Heated Kitty Pad to Keep Your Cat Warm Outside

The new K&H Outdoor Heated Kitty Pad with fleece cover ensures that your outdoor cat will stay warm this winter.  Perfect item for your pet that can be installed garages, sheds or most other places that they may sleep.  It can even be placed in your house!  Made from rugged ABS plastic, it can withstand wear and tear from the weather and your cat.  The 5.5 foot cord is wrapped in steel to prevent any damage to your pet and property.  With a one year warrantee, you can’t go wrong. $40. BUY.


Pet Safe Heated Cat House - Thermo Kitty Cabin to Keep Your Cat Warm

The Thermo-Kitty Cabin is a place for your cat to hide out in warmth.  The beds thermostat heats to a regulated 102 degrees. The sides and base have a 1inch padding of foam.  The outer lining of the bed is polysilk and micro-suede cover that is removable and washable.  The heater is removable.  The bed comes in two colors, Sage and Mocha. $38-$41.