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Custom Sock Dog - Handmade, Custom Plush of Your Own Pet with ID Tag

Custom Sock Dogs. Are you looking for the perfect gift for a pet owner in your life? You can send a picture of the dog, cat, bunny or other pet to artist Stacey Hsu, who will then use a variety of new materials to create a plush replica of the animal. She incorporates socks, cloth, thread, embroidery floss, fiberfill and buttons into her creations, and she uses colors and shapes that perfectly match the features on the live animal. The sock pets are 12” to 15” from the top of the head to the back paws, and they come with an aluminum ID tag that is personalized with the pet’s name. You can even order gift cards so that your friend or family member can send in his favorite picture of his animal. $104. BUY.

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Games for Cats - Free Apps for Android and iOS for Your Cats - Even Compete Against Your Cat!

Games for Cats. Friskies has been marketing heavily through social media (like their latest 'It's Hard to Be a Cat at Christmas' music video) and also sponsoring cat celebrities like Grumpy Cat. In their latest project, they actually hosted a 'Hackathon' inviting programmers to compete in creating an entertaining tablet app for cats. This has led them to develop fun and interactive apps that allow cats and kittens to play and practice their hunting skills and improve their reflexes. These games use different stimuli to encourage kitties to participate, including colors and movement. The free apps are available for iPads, iPhones and Android tablets, and you can choose from games that feature birds, fish and other feline favorites. It’s a fun and easy way to keep your cat entertained using some of the newest technology on the market! Free. LINK.

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Kittyo - Remotely Play with and Observe Your Pet with iPhone App

Kittyo. The most recent trend to hit the pet industry is a family of remotely controlled technologies being developed for parents to interact with their pets while away (see Pet Chatz and the Pet Cube). Here is another device that takes advantage of smart phone and wireless internet technologies now becoming mainstream. Being created by inventor Lee Miller, the Kittyo allows you to speak to, play with, record and dispense treats to your cat while you are away. While none of these products are actually available for consumer purchase, we are looking forward to testing out these new gadgets in the future as we are curious to see just how responsive they are. We do have high hopes for the Kittyo considering the sleek styling of the exterior. The creators have teamed up with ION Product Development and are promising to launch a 2014 Kickstarter campaign. LINK.

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See and Extend Carrier by Petmate - Pet Carrier that Expands on the Side Providing Extra Legroom

See and Extend Pet Carrier. Your airplane seat reclines, why shouldn’t your pet’s carrier offer the option of becoming more comfortable? That is why Petmate has created this extendable carrier that will give your dog or cat a little extra legroom. You can zip up the extendable vestibule so that the carrier is small enough to meet the most stringent airline policies, but you can also unzip it when you are in the car or when you have reached your destination. You can access the carrier from the side and the top, and its mesh sides will allow your pet to see everything that is happening. It even has loops at the back to secure it safely to the car seat. $80. BUY.


Crafting with Cat Hair - Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat Hair

Crafting with Cat Hair. If you love both cats and crafting, then this is your chance to blend the two. Rather than getting frustrated by the amount of cat hair that you find around your home, turn it into something useful. This book has several ideas for projects in which you use cat hair to make something completely original and unique. Whether you want to create an unusual cat toy or a picture frame as a gift, you can find the directions and tips you need to make fabulous projects that will remind you of your favorite furry felines. $14. BUY.

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Sleepypod Pendants - Jewelry Grade Pendants for Pets and Children

Sleepypod Pendants. Sleepypod Pendants are cute and unique charms that can be worn by both pets and humans. There are six charms, and you can buy them in 100% stainless steel or 18k gold-plated stainless steel. They are hypoallergenic and easy to clean, and they will not rust, stain or oxidize over time. These traits make Sleepypod Pendants the perfect charms for pet identification tags, but they can also be worn by children and adults. They are the perfect accessory for your pet, child, purse, carrier or key ring, and the adorable designs include a sheep, whale, chick, elephant, lion and stegosaurus. You can also choose from two sizes to best suit your needs. $18-$27. BUY.


Cat Buddy - Catnip Toy Designed by Jackson Galaxy - Supports FixNation

Cat Buddy by Jackson Galaxy. This fun toy is specially designed to help cats play while also promoting awareness about feral cats. The stuffed cat toy is made with cotton batting so that your cat can chew and bunny-kick it without you worrying about it coming apart. It is also filled with organic catnip buds and leaves so that your kitty is even more attracted to it. A portion of the proceeds will go to FixNation, which is an organization that is dedicated to managing feral colonies by trapping, neutering and then releasing feral cats. The plush cat toy even has a clipped ear, which is the universal sign for a cat that has been vaccinated and neutered. TNR Feral Power Buddy was designed especially for Jackson Galaxy, who is the host of “My Cat from Hell” on Animal Planet. $20. BUY.


Songs for Sophie - Music Specifically Designed to Calm Your Pets - Calms and Relaxes

Songs for Sophie. If your pet needs a little help calming down, then you may want to try playing this CD. The music is written and performed by George Skaroulis, who is famous for his soothing music, and he has turned his talents to helping anxious animals become calm and relaxed. Skaroulis has become the official musician for the Atlanta branch of the Humane Society because their animals will become visibly relaxed and calmer when they play his music around the shelter. The CD features 13 tracks that have successfully soothed many animals, including songs played by guitar, banjo, piano and other peaceful instruments. If your savage beast has not responded to other soothing methods, then this music may be the perfect solution.  $18. BUY.


ResQ Cat Tote - Adorable Accessory for Cat Lovers - Supports Local Animal Shelters

ResQ Cat Tote. It is always better to give than to receive, but now you can do both with this cute tote from RESQTHREADS. It is made in the U.S. with 100% cotton, and it is very stylish and durable. When you place your order, $10 will be donated to the pet rescue center of your choice, or you can ask that your donation be spread across all of the rescue beneficiaries. If you love the idea of helping animals in need through your purchase, then you may want to take a look at the other products that are offered by RESQTHREADS, such as leashes, dog tags, shirts, bracelets, hoodies and more. $25. BUY.


Sturdi Walking Vest - Secure Vest-Harness for Small Dogs and Cats

Walking Vest. If walking your pet is more stressful than relaxing, then you may be interested in the SturdiPet Walking Vest. This vest is designed to eliminate the unpleasant sensations that often trouble pets when they are tethered to a traditional leash. The vests simply snap together so that putting them on a furry friend is extremely easy, and their design makes them secure and durable. The vest weighs less than 2 ounces, and pet owners can select either small or medium sizes. There are also two colors that pet owners can choose from, and each vest comes with a 5 foot leash. $18. BUY.

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Grumpy Cat’s Odor Eliminator - Because Grumpy Cat Hates Everything, Especially Odor!

Grumpy Cat's Odor Eliminator. From Internet superstar, Grumpy Cat! Cleaning after your pets can be tedious and challenging. Fortunately, you can have loads of fun and don’t need to rely on harmful chemicals that are not safe for you or your pets. Grumpy Cat’s Odor Eliminator is the only cleaner nothe market made with all USDA-certified organic ingredients, including Yucca schidigera, which is known for its powerful cleaning properties. If your kitty has marked water-safe surfaces in your home, such as litter boxes, totes and plants, this solution will break down the smelly chemicals so that you can breathe through your nose with a smile on your face… or a frown in honor of Grumpy Cat. $15. BUY.


How to Exercise Your Human - Shorty and Kodi's Guide to Becoming a "Purrsonal Trainer"

How to Exercise Your Human. From the creaters of the Youtube channel Sho Ko come the humorous pet book starring Shorty and Kodi along with their cat guardian Robert Moore. With the usual cuteness we are accustomed to in their videos and the quirky title marketted towards cats, we are guessing that this will be an entertaining read. Featuring exercises along with adorable images referencing their highly popular videos, fans of the show and cat lovers will definitely enjoy this book. $20. BUY.


Kudose Pill Concealer - Unique, Economical Pill Concealer Lets You Use Your Own Recipes

Kudose Pill Concealer. If you are looking for a fun, economical and easier way to help your pet take their medicine, then you will definitely be interested in this rather innovative twist on the traditional pill concealer. This unique product may come in handy when your pet needs some “sugar” to help the medicine go down. They have several recipes for dog and cat treats that will entice your furry friend to chow down rather than nibbling around the pill that he needs. They even offer two treat sizes to accommodate the different sizes of pills on the market. $40. BUY.


Animal Blueprint Company - Pet Blueprint Artwork, Featuring Hundreds of Breeds of Dogs, Cats and Horses

The Animal Blueprint Company provides passionate pet owners with detailed blueprints of cats, dogs and horses. They feature over 100 breeds of these animals, and each blueprint includes details that make each breed special. The blueprints are modeled after images used in the 1950s so that they have an essence of classic character and beauty. Shoppers can choose from one of the many breeds that are listed, or they may order a custom drawing of their pet. Each blueprint or custom order is framed using natural wood, and the result is a unique and modern illustration of a beloved pet. $110-$265. BUY.


Cat Miracles - Collection of Stories of Paranormal Cat Activities

Cat Miracles: Inspirational True Stories of Remarkable Felines. Whether you need a reason to think favorably of cats or are already the owner of several adorable felines, you will enjoy this book. The heartwarming stories revolve around cats that have gone above and beyond normal feline behaviors in order to protect or reunite with their loved ones. These unusual stories will appeal to readers of all ages who are looking for something interesting, mysterious and enjoyable to read. Just be ready to laugh, cry and be amazed at the collection of incredible but true cat adventures. $13. BUY.


FrolicCat Pounce - Motorized Rotating Cat Toy, Battery-Operated

FrolicCat Pounce. Does your cat get excited and wild when he finds a small piece of paper on the floor or when a string is dangling off a blanket? If so, then he needs the FroliCat Pounce Rotating Teaser Toy, which has been designed to challenge your kitty and allow him to practice his natural hunting instincts. This fun and inexpensive toy runs on 3 AA batteries that power the mouse that moves unpredictably along the track. The mouse will dart under one of three hiding places before coming back out to entice your cat even more. There are four speeds that you can choose from, and the toy operates on a timer so that you don’t have to worry about the batteries running out too quickly. $35. BUY.


Aikiou Stimulo - Slow Feeder Cat Toy - Tubes to Dispense Kibble

Aikiou Stimulo. If your cat is eating too fast or you are looking for a new way to engage your cat during feeding time, then you need to try this interactive cat feeder. The bowl features nine tubes that will hold your cat’s food, and he must reach in to scoop out the food with his paws. This simulates the motions that he would use as a hunter, and it keeps him from gulping down his meals. You can even adjust the height of the tubes to make hunting his chow easier or more difficult for your kitty. Your cat will enjoy an active eating experience, and you will enjoy not having to clean up after him when he is done! $25. BUY.


Ceramic Cat Creamer - Perfect Gift for the Coffee or Tea Drinking Cat Lover

Ceramic Cat Creamer. Cat lovers will enjoy using this stylish mini cat creamer to serve cream for tea or coffee. The white creamer has a capacity of 2 ounces and is made of glazed porcelain. It is safe to use in the microwave, broiler, dishwasher, freezer and oven, and it will add a charming touch to any kitchen, dinner table or breakfast nook. The cat creamer is very affordable, and shoppers will enjoy using the matching cat sugar bowl and tea bag caddy. $6. BUY.


I Could Pee on This - Humorous Book of Poems from a Cat's Perspective

I Could Pee on This. If you have ever wondered what your cat is thinking, then this whimsical book of poems may give you some insight. “I Could Pee on This” is filled with humorous poetry that is written from a cat’s point of view, such as “Some of My Best Friends are Dogs” and “Kneel Before Me”, and the text is enhanced by photographs that perfectly illustrate the quirky behaviors of cats. The collection of poems will resonate with cat owners, but even dog lovers will find the book to be charming and witty. $13. BUY.


WuvLuv Pet Bowls - Cute Cat-Shaped Pet Dishes, a Modern Twist on a Classic Product

WuvLuv Pet Food Bowls. Pet bowls by WuvLuv are among the most modern of ways to feed or store toys for the favorite feline in your life. Anyone can enjoy these esthetically pleasing designer bowls with a variety of uses and the best part is they look amazing anywhere they are placed throughout the home. These stylish bowls are available in several colors so you can be assured they will match their surroundings and remain pleasant to look at while being very useful for your cat. Not only are they super cute, but they are also ergonomically designed for your cat to eat from! $48. BUY.