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DOGTV - First Television Channel Made Just For Dogs - Entertain Your Pooch While You are Out

DOGTV. If your dog loves to watch your favorite television programs with you, then he may appreciate DOGTV. DOGTV is the first network television channel that is designed specifically for dogs, and it has unique programs that have been created just for canines that spend time alone at home. The station has partnered with The Human Society of the United States to provide programming that stimulates dogs while exercising their visual and auditory skills. These shows can help alleviate the stress and anxiety that dogs often feel when their owners are gone, and they can also cause dogs to be more playful while their humans are gone. The next time your dog seems despondent when you leave the house, consider allowing him to tune in so he can cheer up! LINK.


Songs for Sophie - Music Specifically Designed to Calm Your Pets - Calms and Relaxes

Songs for Sophie. If your pet needs a little help calming down, then you may want to try playing this CD. The music is written and performed by George Skaroulis, who is famous for his soothing music, and he has turned his talents to helping anxious animals become calm and relaxed. Skaroulis has become the official musician for the Atlanta branch of the Humane Society because their animals will become visibly relaxed and calmer when they play his music around the shelter. The CD features 13 tracks that have successfully soothed many animals, including songs played by guitar, banjo, piano and other peaceful instruments. If your savage beast has not responded to other soothing methods, then this music may be the perfect solution.  $18. BUY.


ThunderCoat - Stylish Dog Jacket and Popular Dog Anxiety Wrap Combo

ThunderCoat. The very popular Thundershirt dog anxiety wrap just got a lot more stylish. And warmer! The unique design of the ThunderShirt and ThunderCoat system will comfort your pet so that he is less likely to exhibit signs of stress and anxiety. The ThunderShirt has already helped thousands of animals to calmly wait out storms, and it is often recommended by trainers and veterinarians. This two-in-one combo pack includes the ThunderShirt, which provides a sense of security, and a ThunderCoat to provide warmth. If it is a summer storm, your pet can wear the shirt alone, but you can also easily snap the coat into place when the weather gets chilly. $70. BUY.


Music to Calm Your Dog While in the Car

Being in a car can be a stressful situation for your pet.  Some become overly excited while others become nervous.  Help them relax with “Through a Dog’s Ear- Driving Edition” by Joshua Leeds.  “Through a Dog’s Ear” plays soothing music that will help calm your pet without the use of any drugs.  A dog’s hearing is one of their strongest senses, allowing calm music and noises to change their mood.  Help your dog relax, the natural way. $16. BUY.


Pet Stages Heartbeat Pillow - Heartbeat Sound to Comfort Anxious Puppy or Dog

Petstages Heartbeat Pillow. Help comfort your new puppy when you are not there to.  The Petstages Heartbeat Pillow is designed to let your new puppy think that it is a real heartbeat, decreasing their anxiety of being in a new place.  The soft, comfortable fleece of the pillow will make your puppy want to snuggle.  Turn on the heartbeat whenever you desire and it will last for five minutes.  The sound will help your puppy fall sleep and ease them into their new environment. $12.99. BUY.


Rescue Remedy Pet Liquid - Alcohol-Free, Natural Stress Relief

Rescue Remedy Pet Liquid has been helping pet owners for over 60 years!  Animals may become stressed when they have to go to the veterinarian, with thunder and lightning, or when they hear fireworks.  Help you pet relax by adding four drops of Rescue Remedy to their water bowl or directly to the pet (paws, nose or ears) and watch their stress melt away.  Remind your animal there is no reason to fear these situations by relaxing them naturally with Rescue Remedy Pet Liquid. $13. BUY.


Feliway Plug-In Diffuser - All-Natural Cat Calming Phermones

Do you own a cat that always seems frightened or nervous in certain situations?  Feliway Plug-In Diffuser offers an all-natural way to relieve them of their stresses.  The diffuser produces natural pheromones that are secreted by animals to communicate, allowing the pet to feel relaxed in a situation that it normally isn’t.  All you need a wall socket and the diffuser will start to work.  Also included is one refill.  Allow your cat to feel relaxed in their environment, they deserve it. BUY.


Pet-Ease Natural Calming Differ - Disperses Natural Calming Mist for Dogs - Plug Into the Outlet

If you have a hyper or overactive puppy the Nutri-Vet Pet-Ease Natural Calming Differ for Dogs may be the solution.  This diffuser plugs in and releases a natural calming solution of essential oils that naturally helps to calm anxiety, stress, and aggressive behavior in canines.  Once your puppy is relaxed he will be more enjoyable during family times and possibly less destructive during time alone.  Buy a diffuser today as it will easily fit into your décor since it looks like all common room diffusers. BUY.