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Java Wood Tree - Natural Bird Playground Made from Durable Java Wood

Java Wood Tree Bird Playground. Don’t keep your bird cooped up in their cage all day.  Allow them to spread their wings with the Java Wood Tree.  Designed with your bird in mind, the tree has been constructed to resemble a tree in nature.  With space between the branches, your bird can fly to the next branch and enjoy their freedom.  Available in three different sizes, you can choose which size would best suit your bird’s needs.  This great bird activity center stands 28” in height. $363. BUY.


Bird Shower Perch

Super Bird Fold Away Shower Perch. Birds love to take showers and heres a great way to safely allow your birds to do so. The suction cups securely holds the perch to the shower wall and the perch has a rough texture to offer a better grip for your bird. It can fold away when you aren't using it. The size of the perch is rather practical and can be suitable for any bird from a parakeet or cockatiel to a parrot. Now you can have a singing partner in the shower with you! $17.


Wall Mounted Bird Activity Center - Cool Bird Toy

Let your bird stretch their wings with the new Bird Wall Mount Activity Center.  The perfect toy to let your bird play and get them out of the confinement of their cage.  The activity center includes a removable tray, locking dishes and toy attachment points.  It can be used on a counter top or hung on the way.  Made completely of solid wood, its sturdy design is built to last. BUY.


Cozy Pocket for Birds - Keep Your Pet Bird Warm and Healthy

Petstages Cozy Pocket. The name says it all with this product. Made to provide warmth and security for your bird, it is set up with soft fabric to give your bird a place to calm down or to play. Cozy Pocket has an open bottom so the bird is still able to perch while inside.  If your bird needs warmth, heat buckwheat in the microwave and place in the outside pocket of Cozy Pocket. $13.


Pet Kozy Keet Woodchew Playnest - Shreddable Bird Toy Lets Your Bird Build Its Own Home

It’s a bird’s natural instinct to chew and to make their own nest.  Wesco has created the Pet Kozy Keet Woodchew Playnest to satisfy this urge.  The bio-degradable shreddable nest is a great option for parakeets and budgies.  The nest is earth-friendly is made of only soft fibrous pithy wood, making it appear and feel more natural to your bird.  Your bird will fall in love with their new wood chew! BUY.


Plastic Bird Activity Center - Desktop Bird Jungle Gym with Bird Toys

Encourage your bird to spread his wings and interact with you!  With the Super Pet Feathered Fun Desktop Activity Center, you bird will have plenty of toys and options to choose from.  The activity center is easy to transport and takes up very little room in your home.  Designed from companion birds, Feathered Fun will help to promote healthy interaction and activity between you and your bird.  With seven different attachments, your bird will never get sick of it’s new activity center. BUY.