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Soggy Doggy Doormat - Super-Absorbent Micro-Fiber Door Mat for Wet Dogs

Soggy Doggy Doormat. If you are tired of being able to track your dog around the house because of his muddy paw prints, then you will be happy to bring Soggy Doggy products into your home. Whether your dog runs in the door during a heavy storm or tends to send water flying as he drinks from his water dish, the Soggy Doggy mats will absorb the moisture so that the rest of your floor is left clean and dry. They carry several styles and sizes of mats that are made of attractive and absorbent microfiber chenille, which will hold five times more water than traditional towels. If your pooch is wet all over, then you will also appreciate the Soggy Doggy towels that come with hand pockets for easy use. $40-$85. BUY.