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Ripple Rug - Awesome Cat Hangout Creates Stimulating Environment!

Ripple Rug. We love this new product. Super innovative and has so many features we always value. The Ripple Rug was brought to life through a successful Kickstarter raising over $15,000. Not only is the Ripple Rug environmentally friendly (recycled from 24 plastic bottles), easy to clean (just scrub dirty marks with soap and water), and portable (foldable and weighs less than 4lbs) but it is a scratching surface, cat bed, and play area all in one! The top rug features Velcro touch points and various sized holes so you can easily rearrange the ripple surface as regularly as you and your cat desire, creating makeshift kitty lairs to be pounced out of and snuggly grooves for snoozing in. The durable needle-punch carpet of the Ripple Rug is not only attractive for cats to scratch but is also mold and mildew resistant and is insulated and backed with non-slip rubber. $40. BUY.