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Love Saves the Day - The Story of Prudence the Cat by Author of 'Homer's Odyssey'

Love Saves the Day. This heartwarming tale is touching on its own, but it is made even more so because it is told from the perspective of a cat.  Prudence was only five weeks old when she was found and adopted by Sarah, and the following three years of her life are filled with affection and laughter. When Sarah does not come home one day, Prudence lives with Sarah’s daughter, Laura, who has always resented her upbringing and had distanced herself from her mother. As Prudence and Laura struggle to understand each other’s preferences, habits and personalities, they are brought together by the love they both share for Sarah. It is written by the same author who wrote “Homer’s Odyssey,” and critics and readers alike have declared it to be touching, funny and unforgettable. $15. BUY.