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LazyBonezz Cat Scratch Pad - Chic, Stylish Scratcher Combines Design and Quality

Cat Scratch Pad. It is in a cat’s nature to sharpen his claws, but this can often lead to shredded furniture. The LazyBonezz cat scratch pad will protect your belongings from your cat’s sharp claws without using bulky and unattractive materials. The scratch pad is angled to make scratching and sharpening claws even more enjoyable for kitties, which will encourage them to use it to satisfy their scratching needs so that your furniture remains intact. Its sturdy design features a solid wood frame that has sleek stainless steel accents, and it is non-toxic so that your pet will be completely safe while using it. It even has a coating on the bottom so that it won’t damage your delicate floors. $129. BUY.