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Feed-Safe - Brilliant New Way to Keep Dogs from Eating Cat Food - Protect Smaller Pet's Food

Feed-Safe. You want all of your family members to get along, but your furry children may be just as prone to mealtime arguments as your human children. Larger pets often try to frighten away their smaller housemates in order to get more food, which can cause your home to be less than blissful. The Feed-Safe is a domed eating area that is designed to give small pets a safe place in which to eat. It features a sliding door that will give your small dog or cat access to the food, as well as a handy escape area in case the entrance is blocked by a watchful eye. You can also remove the lid in order to add food and water as necessary. It’s a great way to make mealtime in your home more enjoyable for everyone. $120. BUY.