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Bulk Generic Biodegradable Doggie Bags Rolls and Dispenser

Bulk Generic Bags on Board Refills. Help your pet and the environment at the same time!  With the Pet Supply City Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags, you can clean up after your pet without using a plastic bag that will remain in a landfill.  Bags come in orders of 700 bags with 20 bags per roll.  Also included is the convenient bone shaped dispenser to hold the roll of bags.  Bags are available in an assortment of colors including blue, black, pink and purple. 700 for $26. BUY.


Dog Photography for Dummies - How to take great pictures of your dog!

Dog Photography for Dummies. A great benefit of having a pet is that they make great models for photographs. They strike stunning poses and their nature-designed beauty create timeless images. Dog Photography is the newest installment in the For Dummies series and we love the topic! Tailored for beginner and intermediate photographers, this book includes techniques on creating professional quality portraits while including beautiful landscapes as backgrounds. Other topics covered are tips on working with the psychology of dogs while photographing, lighting and people with dogs as well. $24.99. BUY.

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